Why is cycling a good lifetime sport?

Some schools have golf teams, but if someone in your family plays the sport, it can be just as fulfilling for your child to visit the course with a loved one. Crew is a team sport and offers the benefits associated with exercising in a group, and many cities have clubs that allow you to continue rowing in a group after the competition period is over. Everyone being on the regatta course at the same time is something that does not exist in most other sports. Children who cycle or walk to school as early as first grade are more likely to maintain a healthy weight in the early school years, and children who cycle more than four times a week are 48% less likely to be overweight as adults.

Are bicycles suitable for all ages?

The IBF advises that many children’s bikes do not have the high quality of adult bikes. However, when it comes to dedicating your entire life to the cause of uplifting humanity to put a smile on the faces of millions, if not billions, we can talk about the life of Mother Teresa in a heartbeat. The table below should help you narrow down your search, but it is no substitute for the help of an expert in finding a suitable bicycle. Kind words, which also count as charity, and noble deeds to help others make us live forever.