What is the highest endurance sport?

Because endurance sport is about more than just a runner’s high. Because endurance sport is about more than just a runner’s high. This point should be considered as a possible supplementation option especially for endurance athletes during periodisation training when training intensity is exceptionally high or for athletes who overexert themselves or are overtrained and thus risk testosterone suppression. However, adequate protein intake and proper timing of intake are critical for any athlete, regardless of whether they are endurance or resistance training.

These 10 superfoods are a great addition to the diet of endurance athletes. Athletes should make sure they are consuming the essential vitamins and minerals they need for their overall health and athletic performance.

Which sports are good for endurance?

Even in sports with the highest intensity, you have to give your best until the last seconds of the game. Endurance sports such as long-distance running and cycling are particularly important here, but other sports such as rowing and climbing also require muscular endurance. Although gender differences in athletic performance are currently a hot topic in sports, there is no doubt that there are biological factors between women and men when it comes to endurance capacity. In addition to aerobic fitness, muscular endurance also plays an important role in enabling athletes to sustain higher loads before muscle fatigue affects performance.