Are bicycles suitable for all ages?

The calorie consumption is about 200 kcal per hour. It helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, endurance and muscles and protect the joints. Think about what kind of cycling you like to do or what you want to try. Cyclocross is a type of obstacle course, but on a bicycle. Courses can consist of grass, dirt, mud, pavement, short steep hills, downhill sections and some obstacles.

Since children start cycling at a conscious age, it is not difficult for you to find out if they want to do this sport.

Why is cycling a good lifetime sport?

This is obviously true for outdoor cycling, as it offers the opportunity to get anywhere and get a great workout in the process. I chose cycling over other sports because it helped me lose a lot of weight while also saving the joints in my legs. Similar to swimming, cycling puts little stress on the body and does not wear out cartilage and ligaments. What is crucial for me in the benefits of cycling compared to other forms of exercise is the feeling of freedom it gives you.